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Hartstone Designs is the company that first started rolling out fabric face masks early in the outbreak. We now are pleased to present our newest product to help your business, community and schools stay safe.

TemChek™our newest product, combines a touch-less palm thermometer with an automatic sanitizer dispenser. No longer will you have to use the same hand held device on multiple people and clean it between uses. Let TemChek™ minimize cross contamination, verify healthy individuals and disinfect at the same time.

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TemChek™ Perfect for Business

TemChek™ the revolutionary new product that combines touch free temperature check with a sanitizer dispenser.

Show your employees, customers and community you care with TemChek™. Make your business safer by quickly identifying healthy individuals and sanitizing hands. Allows employees and customers to self monitor throughout the day, reduces employee check in times, along with distributing a measured amount of hand sanitizer. 

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