Bright, Light and White is IN

                L.U.X, we stand for Luxurious, Unique and Xenia. It is time for a new outlook on interior and home design. With L.U.X we will cover the newest trends, furnishings, and up and coming changes to luxury lifestyles. It is time to step out of the past and move into the future as the decade draws to a close. The 20s will be starting in a few short weeks and we will be covering all the “roaring” changes. Let’s touch base first with the newest trends coming our way in 2020.

                Trend. It is such a simple word, yet it holds so much sway over our lives. Without trends we would be lost in terms of design and style. Trends is what helps sets us apart from others.

                Trends are set by the Trendsetters. Those who go before the majority and lead the way into new designs, styles and innovations. Sometimes it’s a flop and few get behind the trend. Other times it explodes until everyone is getting behind it and HAS to have it. Trendy is when everyone is getting involved and you can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing about the newest hot trend.

                The big ongoing trend for interior design and even home design is that everything is bright, light and white. You’ll notice it is everywhere from high end magazines, Instagram, and definitely all over Pinterest. Which means that right now, light is definitely in.

                So before you grab the paint swatches and rollers let’s talk about some things before starting on a complete home renovation:


  • What is your home design
  • How to achieve the perfect look
  • Where can you find the perfect décor and furnishings


                What is your home design? If you have a more natural home that has wood or stone for walls it isn’t going to be conductive to painting. You don’t want to lose your homes natural charm over a trend, but instead use the trend to enhance it. If you have walls or flooring that isn’t able to be changed or upgraded you’ll need to use White as your main color palate for décor and furnishings. If you have a home that is already painted or easily upgraded to paint, by all means grab the rollers and get started.

                 How do you achieve that perfect look? Too much white is going to be overwhelming, and if you don’t do enough of it you run the risk of having a half finished look. In this case you need to follow the 90/10 rule. 90 percent of your color scheme should be white whether that is from décor, furniture or walls while the other 10 percent should be colors or natural wood tones. Some places you can get the accent is the décor and furnishings.

                In most cases it will be easier to repaint and add your current décor for the other 10 percent of color. A pop of color from art, vases, or knickknacks is a great way to break up the major 90. However as previously mentioned some home designs don’t lend itself to easy change. In this case I suggest upgrading your furniture with the 90/10 affect.

                Where can you find the perfect décor and furnishings? Pottery Barn has the perfect décor with a beautiful Patchwork Sherpa Pillow Cover, and it is a great way to add more light colors. Or if you need even more white from furnishings the new Alpine Collection by Hartstone Designs allows you to add 90 percent light finishes with a 10 percent pop of accent. The Black Walnut adds a natural finish that will tie in with most home styles that can’t be painted and the white of the designs allows you to join the trend without impacting your homes natural beauty. If you are looking for some great color accents check out Pottery Barn’s Hunter Ceramic Vases. The green adds a great pop of color and is complimentary with the bright white theme.

                Regardless of how you join this trend the big thing to remember is that you will need to add color to your home in interesting ways. Natural wood features add a touch of class and luxury when used correctly. Other times adding a splash of color with blown glass ornaments or a funky colored bowl can make for a fun and inviting atmosphere. Add that 10 percent accent and you’ll be ready for 2020!

                Next week we will be covering the big changes in accent walls and how to update your home to fall in line with the newest styles and trends.

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