About Us

Hartstone Designs originally started as a wood-working business back in 2016, then with the Covid 19 outbreak in 2020 we switched to making fabric face masks for those in the community. Inspired by their amazing team of seamstresses they switched to making other handcrafted fabric products to keep their team together even after the pandemic.

Hartstone Designs believed that everyone should have access to purchase reusable masks and to lessen the burden on our front lines by not using medical grade products for everyday use when Covid 19 outbreak occurred. When disaster struck we were inspired to find a way to create jobs to help those who had been laid off and immediately started the process to hire five individuals to begin production.

We also believed that there was an easier way for those who wanted to help to connect with those who create masks. Around the USA first responders and hospitals were in desperate need of face masks. We simplified the process so that anyone who wished to donate a mask or even 100 masks could do so. 

Founded in 2016 Hartstone Designs is located in the beautiful Flathead Valley, in the northwest corner of Montana. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Hartstone Designs