TemChek™ Donation

Donate to your local school today! Many schools are suffering budget cuts or budget shortfalls due to Covid19. Go to our Donation page to donate today. Update the amount in the checkout cart if you wish to donate more. 


Whole unit Donations can be made to schools, first responders or hospitals! If you are wanting to donate a TemChek™ enter the shipping address of where you are donating the item to. Otherwise the unit will ship to address given. If you have any questions please call 1-800-809-4899 or email us at


TemChek™ Donors

 5 Units


1 Unit

     - Wendy Brown  

     - Flathead Electric Cooperative   

     - Anonymous Donor

$100+ Donation

    - Mahan Family

    - Top to Bottom Healthcare Wear


Mask Donation

In total our community has donated enough money that we were able to create 1214 Masks for local First Responders and Hospitals, 380 that came directly from our Donate-A-Thon! Thank you to all the amazing community members who have donated. 


600 Mask Donation

     - Flathead Beacon

200 Mask Donation

     - Vicki and Randy Evans, Donated to 100 First Responders and 100 Kalispell Regional Medical Center

140 Mask Donation

     - The Funseekers Corvette and Yacht Club, Donated all the masks needed to  South Kalispell Fire Department, 60 Masks to Kalispell Police Department, and 50 Masks to Whitefish Police Department. 

60 Mask Donation

     - Anonymous, Donated to Montana Highway Patrol 

50 Mask Donation

     - Brent and Kathleen P. 

     - BKP LLC

20 Mask Donation

     - Kristina Mahan, Donated to Kalispell Police Department 

     - Tammy Curtin, West Valley Fire Department 

 10 Mask Donation

     - Clifford and Mary Ball

     - Chris Castello 

     - Frame of Reference Fine Art

6 Mask Donation

     -Aire Serv of Kalispell



 Handcrafted Masks to Donate to First Responders in Need:

     - 30 handcrafted fabric masks, Katherine 

Fabric Donation:

     - Pam T.